OS X Lion Drops Rosetta and PowerPC Architecture Support For Intel Macs

Anyone who still uses any applications that were written for the PowerPC architecture should know that with the release of OS X v10.7 Lion, Apple has officially dropped Rosetta and support for older apps written for PowerPC.

What does this mean?

Your old PowerPC apps will not run on OS X Lion.

Is there a way to add Rosetta to OS X Lion?


What can you do?

Helpful hint! Before upgrading, use the Finder’s Get Info feature to find out if any of your apps require Rosetta.

Apps that are written for the PowerPC architecture and require Rosetta to run on an Intel Mac will say:

Kind: Application(PowerPC)

PowerPC App

Apps that don’t require Rosetta will either say:

Kind: Application (Intel)
Kind: Application (Universal)

If you have PowerPC architecture apps, check to see if new, updated, Intel or Universal versions of your apps are available from the software developer.

If not, see if there is an alternative app that will substitute for your outdated PowerPC app.

Alternatively, if your app is mission critical and/or you have an extra Mac laying around, you can choose to keep OS X Leopard (v10.5) or Snow Leopard (v10.6) running on at least one Mac.


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Some Significant changes under the hood in OS X v10.7 Lion Server

For anyone considering upgrading to Lion Server, check out this pdf from Apple titled, “Lion Server Upgrading and Migrating.” There are some significant changes under the hood to some of the core features included in Snow Leopard Server.


Check out page 5, “What’s new in Lion Server.”

Lion Server has major changes in several key areas:

  • Lateral Migrations: The migration of Lion Server to Lion Server is supported.
  • Server app Services are administrated by the new Server app.
  • PostgreSQL: MySQL is replaced with PostgreSQL.
  • Tomcat: Support for Tomcat is removed from Lion Server.
  • Axis: Support for Axis is removed from Lion Server.
  • Mobile Access: Support for Mobile Access is removed from Lion Server.
  • Print service: Print service is replaced with CUPS.
  • QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS): Support for QTSS is removed from Lion Server.

As with any server upgrade or migration, make sure there isn’t any mission critical service(s) that will be broken or missing by migrating to Lion Server.

The replacement of MySQL with PostgreSQL and the removal of Tomcat will probably affect a lot of folks.